Originally born in Orpington, Kent in the 60's; the son of an electrical engineer, my schooling led to a BSc degree course in Woolwich, London. Then I pursed a career in computer graphics, the computer graphics path started with Desktop Publishing in Aberdeen and led on to London based contracting jobs which included illustrating, presentations work and computer aided design. My photography has been a long held interest and it was re-enlivened by my involvement in graphics. Now living in East London capturing images which are in the main of my surrounding environment but also include travel pictures from both urban and rural settings. I supply photographs to a few online stock photographic agencies for worldwide sales and marketing.

I now use solely Nikon digital cameras as they are far lighter and offer much greater ease of use than
my previous medium format film camera. Full frame digital has developed massively and now gives a
level of detail that was previously only available to larger format captures, and digital produces very
clean and relatively faultless results. Nowadays digital cameras also have fantastic levels of light
sensitivity which opens up a new world of the low light photographic opportunities and of course I
now have access to a vast range of lenses and focal lengths.

This image portfolio covers subjects from several countries however the majority are from around
the London area. All images appearing in the Tim Ayers Photography web site are the exclusive
property of Tim Ayers and are protected under International Copyright laws.
The images may not
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All images are copyrighted © 2001 - 2013 Tim Ayers.
Larger 'low-res' watermarked images suitable for layouts are available upon request.
A searchable database of my images is available here :

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